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Aerin M Dunford

Aerin Dunford


Aerin Dunford is a writer, upcycling artist, urban farmer and yoga instructor. She is an independent consultant using Art of Hosting and other participative approaches as a basis for her work with organizations. Aerin is also a member of the Board of Directors of The Berkana Institute, an initiative has worked globally with local for more than 20 years in collaboration with communities and individuals on many continents; Berkana’s most recent work is “Gathering Friends”–supporting the creation of friendship groups to sustain us as warriors for the human spirit. Aerin is also a graphic facilitator and recorder for gatherings of all sizes; she loves to draw, dance and create.

For three years, Aerin was a principle steward of the Berkana Exchange, a trans-local community of learning centers in nine countries (many of which are featured in the book, Walk Out Walk On). She has worked extensively with Berkana’s values, principles and theory of change over the past seven years in several communities, and now in her local work in Oaxaca. Aerin has a master’s degree in Organizational Management with a focus on leadership and change. Since moving to Mexico in 2009 she has been working with organizations, networks and individuals to facilitate dialogue and create the conditions for authentic collaboration and participative leadership.

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