War and Conflict

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14 Sep - 18 Sep - 00:00

What are the root causes of war and conflict? What are the violent systems that enable and instigate war and conflict? Why do we care about war and conflict in places outside our home? This course is a deep dive into how we understand why war and conflict happens and the underlying drivers.  In order to understand the topic, the concepts of colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism provide a grounding in interconnected global systems. This course unpacks the power of narratives and discourse in shaping identity and reifying power structures, focusing on discourses that enable “othering” such as orientalism, islamophobia, and various types of bias. Case studies included Afghanistan and the War on Terror. This course centred on a justice framework, rather than compassion narratives, to identify responsibility and complicity, and integrated restorative justice exercises.

Christianne Aikins

Christianne is a sustainable development professional with experience across Asia and the Americas. She has worked with government, nonprofits, and grassroots organizations to enhance food security, build climate resilience, and promote sustainable development using a complex systems approach in countries such as Afghanistan, Tonga, Guatemala, Laos, and the Philippines. These projects included training and capacity building, stakeholder engagement, research, and …

Ramsay Boly

Ramsay is a Burkinabe-American whose values and identities draw from a global spectrum of cultures, ideologies, and narratives. Ramsay is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley’s Master of Development Practice whose work links development with social justice. This roots in his exposure to global social and economic inequities that have largely been influenced by histories of colonialism and intersecting hegemonic …