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The Art of Storytelling

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12 Dec - 17 Dec - 08:45

Storyteller Roi Gal-Or will introduce the participants to the Oral Tradition: ways of building a repertoire as a storyteller. Folk tales, wonder tales and ancient myths. As a group, we will explore the relationship between stories old and new, their relevance to our life, and which of them are asking to be told today. We will also continue to practice the Skills of the Storyteller: story structure, voice, gesture, movement, audience awareness, spontaneity and improvisation, authenticity and presence.

Roi Gal-Or

Roi Gal-Or is a Director of the International School of Storytelling based at Emerson College, as well as teaching storytelling at the University of Sussex in England. He is a leader of international workshops dealing with group and personal development using stories, social games and biographical work. Roi is one of the organizers of the “Gate to Humanity” Peace festival. …

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