The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter

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14 Oct - 18 Oct - 08:45 - 12:30

The Art of Hosting is a highly effective way of harnessing the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of groups of any size. This approach uses a variety of of powerful conversational processes deeply rooted in the needs of the world, guided by shared work and purpose. The Art of Hosting is an experiential training and leadership practicum to deepen your capacity to affect transformation in yourself and in a complex world. This work takes into account the whole process – all the preparations necessary to bring people together for shared work, what happens while they are working together, and how the results of their conversation support next steps that are aligned to their purpose and context.

Practicing for life : A dojo for warriors and stewards of the heart.
This work challenges us to explore new ways of seeing and responding to the challenges of our times. Through embodied movement and aikido (a practice of peace), we will practice together working with personal power, courage and balance. We will learn about seeing clearly in the present moment and stepping into wise action, moving from our heart in service of life. How can we strengthen ourselves to go into our fears and find strength and nourishment?

The Art of Hosting

Contributors: Toke Paludan Moeller, Rachel Derrah, Isabel Chender and Kajsa Balkfors

Toke Moller

Toke Paludan Moeller has been pioneering in the fields of sustainable entrepreneurship, participatory leadership, educational renewal, and social responsibility since the early 1970s. He is co-founder and CEO of InterChange, a for more than profit training and process consulting company based in Denmark. He is working across the world in all kinds of contexts where ever leaders are sincerely calling …

Rachel Derrah

Rachel is a graphic recorder, facilitator, and creative consultant with Brave Space Social Innovation. She uses a variety of methods—from large-scale mural drawings to participatory research and evaluation—to reflect collective insights, share learning, and investigate impact. Her approach involves deep listening, personal and group awareness, and co-creation. She aims to find clarity amid complexity and have challenging conversations. Her formal …