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From Local to Global

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04 Sep - 08 Sep - 08:45 - 12:30

This course is designed to enable the participants to meet and be inspired by the many initiative takers in the local area. Through meeting, visiting and hearing about local initiatives, participants are able to see how these have chosen to be an ethical part of the global systems in the world. Participants will meet with the founder and CEO of an ethical bank, a doctor and founder of a holistic clinic, a leading figure in agricultural and soil regeneration research, the founder of a curative institution, a biodynamic vegetable grower and more. Participants will hear how and why they do the work they do and be able to reach out to them throughout their YIP year for further knowledge exchange etc. Participants will learn about the various initiatives in the area and hear real life accounts of how local action has led to global change in sustainability and ethical thinking.

The International Youth Initiative Program - Kulturcentrum Järna 13 - SE-15391 Järna -

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