Tapping the Collective Wisdom & Co-creativity for the Greater Good

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03 Nov - 07 Nov - 08:45 - 12:30

Workshop: Tapping the Collective Wisdom & Co-creativity for the Greater Good

This is a journey into ourselves, individually and collectively, to develop our capacity to tap our collective wisdom and realize a deeper co-creativity as sacred practices for doing our Work in the world. Frameworks and methodologies we would use along the path would be Dialogue (Bohmian), Appreciative Inquiry, Energy Levels of Consciousness, Community Development, 7 Dimensions of Sustainability and MISSION.




Teresa D. Ruelas

Biography  Teresa D. Ruelas or “Tressa” loves: Journeying with individuals, groups and networks to discover their essence and reason for being and co-create with them the culture to BE in keeping with their spirit or essence. Organizing, leading, facilitating, witnessing a Co-Creative effort, initiative, project or organization to fruition in keeping with its purpose and spirit. BEING in the midst …