Study of Man

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11 Nov - 15 Nov - 09:00 - 12:00

At the beginning of the Waldorf movement, Waldorf teachers were given a series of lectures by Rudolf Steiner called Study of man as basis for Pedagogy (GA293) as the foundation of their profession. Later lectures given by Rudolf Steiner concerning education and pedagogy were then based on these. In them he gives indications for the practical side of education, the methodology, didactics and the way in which to meet proactively and regularly as a cohesive faculty. Steiner suggested that the ‘Study of man’ can call forth a source that gives energy to life and teaching. To get achieve a state where this may happen, one needs to take three steps: Study, meditate and remember. Supported by numerous artistic activities, this course will focus the work around making these three steps something of your own.

Marcel de Leuw

Biography Marcel de Leuw, was born in 1948 in Someren, the Netherlands. He worked for many years as a teacher in a public primary school and later in a school for children with special needs, both situated in an underdeveloped quarter (achterstandswijk) in the Netherlands. He has been a teacher at the The Hague Waldorf School since 1976 and active …