Street Poets

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30 May - 03 Jun - 08:45 - 12:30

Course description

What if I told you that words are medicine.
What if I told you that writing and performing is a healing practice
What if I told you that your wounds were gifts and that Gold lives within them.
What if I told you that learning wasn’t seeking that which is outside of you, but rather remembering the wisdom that already lives in you.
Medicine Words is an invitation into our own stories.  An exploration of self using the tools of poetry, storytelling, song, public offering/performance.
Come kick it. Together we can excavate the medicine that lies within us.

Francisco Escamilla

Frank Escamilla, Is known in the streets and open-mic venues of Los Angeles as “Bus Stop Prophet” for his propensity to bust rhymes in unexpected places, Frank has been deeply engaged in creative peace-making work for over 15 years, both here in LA, and as far away as South Africa and Sweden. He is A gifted poet, spoken word-artist, open-mic …