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Slava Theatre

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30 Jan - 03 Feb - 00:00

Teater Sláva’s method is based on the fact that everyone gets the chance to try, join and do. We are usually many actors who work with the class at the same time, then we can create an energy stream that is easy to check. The physical experience of doing something different, new and perhaps brave together gives an experience to a group that can give a new perspective on roles and patterns.

We have a full range of songs, theatre exercises, rhythms, instruments and stories. The actors are experienced educators and versatile artists who traveled all over the world and played for both young and old. We immediately learn songs, to practice their courage, use the whole body and cooperate in a fun filled way. Teater Sláva’s method is based on the use of the entire human capacity. Students can imagine, breathe, stand, go, sing and dance as an actor. A central theme in education is courage and we challenge everyone to dare to try in a safe atmosphere.

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Maria af Klintberg

I was born in 1974 in a family of strong tradition of folk music and dances. I started working with my father at age of 7 as a clown alongside of him, in TV shows and performances. My big passion growing up was dancing and I studied many styles since a young age. After graduating from classic studies in gymnasium …

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