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Project Skills I

Project Skills

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24 Jan - 28 Jan - 08:45

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Maíra Rahme

Maíra is originally from São Paulo, Brazil, and is interested in anything that conveys beauty, meaning and truth into the world. Keen on solving problems, she chose to pursue a degree in Design, followed by a specialization in Branding. Later, she joined a training in Sweden called the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP), where she learned about new paradigms and …

Brenno Kaschner Russo

Brenno creates spaces for individuals to experience their collective potential. From India to Mongolia, Russia to China, he has led mission towards innovation in over 17 countries, with a focus on Europe and Asia, developing and implementing transformative processes to activate collaboration. Researcher of dialogue and collective intelligence he believes we need to learn to listen to shift culture and unleash …

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