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10 Jan - 14 Jan - 08:45

Places are important. They define our identity, foster social networks, and provide the platform upon which everyday life, love, and health are determined. Yet how much do we pay attention to the politics of place? What tools do we have to analyze issues of justice, power, and decision-making that shapes they places we inhabit? How do we experience removal, restriction or exclusion from spaces? How do we create access or restrict others through our use of space?

This workshop will build a deeper understanding of the politics of place and offer tools for analyzing the spaces we experience and build skills for social justice organizing. Together we will develop a creative framework for designing social change interventions that ensure healthy and sustainable places based on a framework of human rights and ecological urbanism. By recognizing the complexity of social systems and beginning to design interventions that respond accordingly, we can begin to imagine and contribute to viable future for generations to come.

Two short films to share about our work: Domino Effect and Road to Recovery

Kiara Nagel

Kiara Nagel is a creative strategist based in Los Angeles with 20 years of experience building creative and collaborative initiatives and supporting social groups, leaders, and organizations to become more engaged and effective. Kiara often delivers facilitation and consulting services to foster collaboration, grow healthy organizations, and support equitable community development. At the core of her diverse body of work …