Introduction to Power, privilege and oppression

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24 Sep - 28 Sep - 08:45 - 12:30

In this course participants are invited to gain a deeper understanding into the concepts of systemic oppression in the global community. Topics will include privilege, micro-aggressions, unconscious biases, prejudice and intersectionality. Participants will walk away with tools to help them best understand how they contribute to and therefore can work towards building a society centered on equality for all people.

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Type of Experience (e.g. action based, group work, academic/reflective course etc.):
Combination of group work, reflection and activities

Contents of Experience:
Participants will be invited into a space of non-judgment to discuss, reflect upon and share on their own experiences of the topics brought up, In addition to the above they will be expected to use group work, assigned readings and activities to gain a deeper understanding of the course content

Learning Outcomes:
Participants are able to identify and work towards addressing the manner in which oppression is replicated in their daily lives, personal interactions and work environments.

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Didintle Ntsie

Didintle Ntsie is a project manager, activist, blogger and writer who hails from Ga-rankuwa, South Africa. Her interests are focused on spatial justice, inclusive transformation, placemaking and using imagination to create spaces of safety for people of colour and womxn. She has a deep passion for supporting creatives, she does this by offering pro-bono consulting and project management services to …