Outdoor Experience

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01 Jun - 05 Jun - All Day

The main focus of the outdoor experience is to open the doors to a joyful and pure exploration of our relationship with nature. Through living with nature we take time to explore what we are in nature and what nature is in us. The aim will be to create a space together where we can grow understanding, compassion and appreciation for the nature around and inside of ourselves – for what nature gives and what I give, how nature works and how I work, and what nature needs and what I need. This exploration will happen both through individual processes and the process of the group. An important part of the path leading there is to feel safe both with ourselves and with our surroundings. Throughout our days we will be working with all the basic skills needed in order to reach that as we spend a week away from campus and out in the wilderness. Some of the main themes will be canoeing, water & weather, fire making & cooking, camp & shelter, navigation, and woodcraft.


Inte Koster

For my Personal Initiative during my YIP year (YIP7) I decided to work around the question I carry of what the connection is between humanity and nature, individuals and the inner nature. I grew up in a family of two parents and 3 children that took every given opportunity to spend time in the outdoors and enjoy the pureness of …