Outdoor Experience

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03 Jun - 14 Jun - All Day

How does Humanity interact with the Natural world? Where do we end and Nature begin? Is there even a separation? Or are we just extensions of it, an integrated part of the web that we externalize and call Nature? Does our current globalized reality play a role in how we relate to one another and to the network of life that surrounds us? And how do we care for ourselves and our communities within all that’s going on?

During the YIP11 Outdoor Experience we will carry these questions and others onto the waters of Sörmland. We will learn the art of paddling in our Canadian canoes, finding and creating new homes every night, cooking over the fire and sleeping under the stars for seven days. We will be spending time together exploring where we stand in the present moment and what we are walking toward in the future, as individuals as well as a collective. We will also have the opportunity to spend time on our own exchanging with the land and listening to what she wants to share.

Our hope, as holders of the week, is that by the end of it we will return to Järna having experienced the strength of the land. We also hope that through the experience we can become more aware of our relationship with her, with ourselves and with each other, thus advancing the preparedness to step out of YIP and into the next part of our lives.

Silas, Inte and Christianne have been working together since 2014 organising Outdoor Experiences. Their passion for working with people in the outdoors is fuelled by the importance they see in reconnecting our modern societies with the wild. The natural world has been our home for millennia and despite the relatively recent creation of many distractions, if we’re willing to look, we can find it all around us. From sprigs of grass that find their way through concrete city blocks, all the way to our innermost being, which is often referred to as our human-nature. The three of them together form a strong, grounded and playful team, complementing each other in creating the space for safe, curious and empowering experiences in the outdoors

Portrait of Silas Beardslee

Silas Beardslee

Silas Beardslee was born in 1988 in Massachusetts, USA, the youngest of three. His family moved to rural New Hampshire when he was six years old and there he attended the Monadnock Waldorf School, in Keene, NH, and later High Mowing School in Wilton, NH. After graduating from High School and leaving the comforts of his parent’s nest, Silas worked …

Inte Koster

For my Personal Initiative during my YIP year (YIP7) I decided to work around the question I carry of what the connection is between humanity and nature, individuals and the inner nature. I grew up in a family of two parents and 3 children that took every given opportunity to spend time in the outdoors and enjoy the pureness of …