Open Master’s

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02 Dec - 06 Dec - 08:45 - 17:30

Open Master’s course on Becoming develops habits and practices for designing your own learning and action around the person the world is asking you to become, grounded in continually-deepening self awareness of your why and your mission, tools and practices for ongoing reflection and integration as you go, and methods for building in peer coaching and community support throughout each season of the journey. The course builds the foundation for clear and strong agreements, together, about the kind of learning community you strive to be, and for each learner, with themselves and their peers, about the learning they are called to explore. Afterwards, learners have the tools to carry on the journey, on their own, far beyond the course and program itself.

Alan Webb

Sarah Bradley and Alan Webb are co-founders of the Open Master’s, an international self-directed learning community reimagining education at the margins as a force for building communities of critical action and reflection.