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Moving in Complexity

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30 Oct - 03 Nov - 08:45

Movement Vilnius is a movement school (est. 2018) offering a holistic approach to body and movement, aiming to redefine the ways we approach physicality and create physical cultures. We are three founders and a couple of team members who research, learn, teach, but most important – invite people to become active members of community of movers bringing movement perspective into their own areas of practice. Started as a self-study group we are now a strong community practicing and researching movement on a daily basis. In our facility in Vilnius we offer practices aimed at increasing movement complexity, building a resilient body and creating forms of inter-human communication. We collect the best of most interdisciplinary applicable practices of particular disciplines and use them as our ground to design the group process of “complete movement practice”. Our practice sessions have become a time and place for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and a playground to test ideas. With all of what we do we aim to move better so that we can communicate with others also beyond language, increase our cognitive capacities and be able to grow in complexity as individuals as well as communities. We invite people of every age and physical condition and we help them on their way of discovery of what it is to really live (move) and communicate in this body.

Open Course 

“Moving in Complexity” is an open course! It runs from Monday – Friday from 9:00am-12:30pm with a Fika (coffee break) in between.

Anyone can apply to participate by contacting

Places are filled on a first come first serve basis.

Justas Kučinskas

Movement fundamentals teacher with extensive experience in performing arts. Justas is a dancer, choreographer, yoga teacher. Besides his movement practice and research he is a doctoral student in philosophy and a professional facilitator of group learning processes. His latest movement research and development includes direct learning from the acknowledged masters in contemporary field of movement – Ido Portal and his …

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