Orientation and Launch

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02 Sep - 06 Sep - 08:45 - 12:30

During this week participants will continue to orient to their local environment and learn more about threads that run through the YIP year, such as the Outpost, Internship, and Initiative Forum. We launch the Global Realities course block and the afternoon courses which include Project skills, Creative sessions, Community Meeting and Check in groups.

Severas Švedas

Co-founder and a teacher at “Movement Vilnius”, physical rehabilitation and massage therapist, Watsu and yoga practitioner. His experience lies with being a professional basketball player for over 17 years and training as a host within Art of Hosting community. He is now working with athletes and people who want to deepen their physical practice and explore their physical potential throught …

Jekaterina Kučinskienė

Movement teacher with strong background in classical ballet as well as other forms of dance: contemporary dance, exhibition, South American show dance (ballroom dancing). Katia is a co-founder of “Movement Vilnius” where she teaches dancers and athletes alike to find a fine balance between the functionality and the aesthetic appearance of their bodies and movement patterns. Katia is also a …

Justas Kučinskas

Movement fundamentals teacher with extensive experience in performing arts. Justas is a dancer, choreographer, yoga teacher. Besides his movement practice and research he is a doctoral student in philosophy and a professional facilitator of group learning processes. His latest movement research and development includes direct learning from the acknowledged masters in contemporary field of movement – Ido Portal and his …