Living Thinking, Living Doing

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20 Apr - 24 Apr - 08:45 - 12:15

We all know the excitement that arises when we are inspired by a seemingly great idea we have read or hear about.   Often it drives us to action, which lasts for a while and then wanes. But what if our own capacity to form truly new thoughts, thoughts that arise from our own inner activity and are harmonic with others and the truths of the cosmos?

The intention of this course will be twofold

Working through the Inner world(s):

In the mornings, a rich, interactive, participatory lecture style will encourage all participants to find the boundary where there inner-world meets the outer-world.   Drawing upon some of Rudolf Steiner’s ideas, those of indigenous cultures and also of modern science, we will find the reality of where the so called inner and outer worlds meet. In this, we find the root of all discoveries and the possibility of thinking in a truly free, yet integrative manner.

Working through the Outer world(s):

The afternoon sessions will consist of working with physical materials.   Here the intention is to empower each individual to find their relationship to the physical world.   Specific projects will include metalworking in copper.   The project will take recycled building materials to produce completely reforged jewelry that can be worn.   The jewelry empowers the creator both in its creation as well as during its wearing.

A second project will consist of working with wood straight from felled trees to produce some of the basic elements of traditional wooden structures.

In both cases, most participants may initially feel the project to be a bit of a challenge but by the end, it has been the experience of almost everyone that they have broken through barriers of self-imposed limitations while gaining a sense of groundedness in being able to work into the physical world.

Moring session: Michael D’Aleo

Afternoon Sessions: Michael and Christoph Walther

Christoph Walther

After graduating from high school Christoph did a one-year voluntary service at Monte Azul, São Paulo. He then made a radical change of place by moving to Järna and being part of YIP’s pioneering class. He then studied Human-Nature relationships by taking a B.Sc. degree in Environmental Science at Lüneburg University, and the University of São Paulo. In the summer …

Michael D’Aleo

Country of origin: USA YIP Weekly Theme: Environment Biography Michael D’Aleo is a founding member of SENSRI (Saratoga Experiential Natural Science Research Institute) and is Director of Research. Michael holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Rutgers University where he graduated summa cum laude. Earlier in his career, Michael was Project Leader in charge of New Product Development at Lutron Electronics. …