Learning Placement

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16 Mar - 15 Apr - 00:00

The Learning Placement is a 4 week opportunity for participants to experience an enterprise or network that has positive social, political or environmental change at its core in a different culture/continent. Participants visit and apprentice with organizations, projects, and initiatives which explore YIP’s principles and values of societal entrepreneurship. The participants travel from Sweden to the Learning Placement and spend Weeks 12 to 15 with their hosts before returning to Sweden. The criteria of the Learning Placement balances personal learning objectives with group intentions to clarify what participants wish to learn and what they are hoping to offer in service of their hosts.

In the beginning of the year there are five weekly 2 hour sessions which introduce the locations, Learning Placement hosts, and basic organising needs. Those who have a new idea for a Learning Placement location present to the group. Participants are then coached into selecting the Learning Placement location that aligns with their personal initiatives and what they wish to learn. After the closing process, groups of 3-5 people are formed for each location. Participants work to design and organize their Learning Placements in small groups as they partner closely with their local host. YIP has existing relationships with Learning Placament hosts across the world, including MISSION in Philippines, Kufunda Learning Village, SEKEM, Flavela de Paz, and the Amazon Summer School in Brasil.