Introduction to Scotland

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20 Nov - 22 Nov - All Day

The beginning of the week will be spent ‘on the road’ but once we get to Findhorn, we will spend time settling in, getting to know the community, the initiative, the place…

Outpost YIP12

Findhorn ecovillage community welcomes YIP for the 2019-2020 OUTPOST.

We are exited and happy to announce that YIP12 will spend it’s Outpost in the Findhorn ecovillage. Starting from the end of November until participants leave again for their internships at the beginning of February, the participants and the team will enjoy the YIP curriculum in collaboration with Findhorn College.

Community Dynamics
Foster a lived understanding of the importance of community and difference and how to harness the power of the collective. Develop skills in leadership, facilitation, hosting and visioning.

Group Challenge
Envision, plan and execute several initiatives with and for larger groups, and in collaboration with the local community. Learn how to develop an initiative from idea to reality.


About Findhorn:
The Findhorn Foundation, established in 1972 gave an initial legal identity to the emerging community; by the mid 1980’s a variety of enterprises and charities were forming around the Findhorn Foundation: a Solar Thermal manufacturer, a Shop, a Café, the environmental charity Trees for Life, a Holiday Caravan Park, and a Steiner School.  Over the decades many more business and charitable organisations have established themselves within the transformational field that has its Hub at The Park ecovillage community.

The core elements of the community practice are three fold.  Listening deeply to our own heart and soul for meaning, purpose and direction. Co-creation with the Intelligence observable and contactable within the Natural worlds, beyond humanity. Contributing to the meaningfully to the life of the community and beyond – in a phrase – “Work is Love in Action”.  

To learn more about the Findhorn ecovillage or to read up on our host whilst in Scottland, please check the links below.

Findhorn ecovillage:
Host organisation – Findhorn College: