Introduction and Landing | YIP - The International Youth Initiative Program

Introduction and Landing

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29 Aug - 02 Sep - 08:45 - 17:30

During the Introduction week there is classroom time to provide an overview of the curriculum, principles, and ethos of YIP as well as outdoor time to orient participates to the physical landscape on campus, key buildings and people, as well as the larger eco-system YIP is a part of. Members of the Ytterjarna community are invited to share their stories and the Organizing team (OTs) host spaces for getting to meet each other. We see and hear every participant every day. We also attend to logistical needs and set daily rhythms and structures including living together, washing, cooking, cleaning, house meetings, check in groups and community meetings.

The International Youth Initiative Program - Kulturcentrum Järna 13 - SE-15391 Järna -

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