Gardening Week

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18 Sep - 22 Sep - 00:00

With Autumn comes harvest time in the garden. The Yippies will spend the mornings learning from Thomas Lüthi about the foundations of Biodynamic agriculture. The course will focus on the ABC of biodynamic agriculture and will broaden the perception of what ‘communities’ can be by giving an insight into how ecosystems live and grow together. Thomas will introduce the Yippies into the Swedish landscape and seasons, specifically in the area of Järna. During the afternoons, the Yippies will bring their learning into practice in the garden and kitchen, harvesting and persevering vegetables, together with the YIP gardener Alexa. There will be the possibility of building a biodynamic compost together as well.

Aleksandra Domańska

Aleksa comes originally from Poland, and is currently based in Sweden. She graduated from Russian Philology but then she spent 6 years in a corporate world doing mostly accounting, project management and also being a Feedback trainer.  She has spent the last 4 years reconnecting with nature through Permaculture and Regenerative agriculture and Biodynamic farming. Growing up in Poland she …

Thomas Lüthi

Thomas Lüthi was born in 1947 in Zürich, Switzerland. He studied biodynamic farming and gardening at Warmonderhof in the Netherlands and worked as a gardener in the United Kingdom and Järna in Sweden. Thomas was the president of Demeter International, co-leader of the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland and chairman of the International Biodynamic Council. In …