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09 Apr - 13 Apr - 08:45 - 12:30

Course title and short description:
Working on stuff that matters

Website, video and/or other resource:

Material, book-list, documentary as a preparation for the course:
It would be helpful for all participants to be familiar with these companies:

A few more may come…

In which learning category(s) will the participants gain qualification during your course?

Type of Experience (e.g. action based, group work, academic/reflective course etc.):
Students will hear case studies of new ways of working and then apply those experiences to their own experiences. They will learn tools and processes to practically bring their own projects into reality. The course will be both reflective and hand ons.

Duration / format of Experience:
Week course

Contents of Experience:
Each day will look at one business as a case study with a focus on 2-3 learnings and tools which can be applied out of that business.

Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to apply the five tools they have learnt through the week to their own projects and future learning

Silvia Zuur

About me: Silvia is a social entrepreneur and educator. She has global experience in new ways of working and as well as business experience in New Zealand. Having supported many social entrepreneurs to move their ideas into reality, she has run entrepreneurship programmes, training academies, conferences and retreats – all with a focus of supporting more people to work on …