Economics & Economy – changing the Science and the Art

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05 Oct - 09 Oct - 08:45 - 12:30

The hours we work, the products we buy, the money we use. But also: the quality of our relation with food, the fulfillment when we repair our favorite jeans, the love of spending our time on what we find important. And: our deepest convictions and implicit perceptions on value, worth, progress and true development.

Before economics became a field of so-called ‘objective’ theory and purely quantitative models, it was a strand of Moral Philosophy. In this course, we start from the individual and collective philosophy of value. We then work outwards, learn from theorists and activists how we can change the story (economics) and the act (economy).

Sarah Denie

Sarah Denie is a teacher of economics. Or rather, someone who invites and triggers you to ask questions on true value. And then act upon it. After being educated in mainstream neo-liberal economics (and questioning all its models and assumptions), starting her career in the financial industry (while learning the truth about money), she worked as a researcher on global …