Economic systems

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28 Sep - 02 Oct - 08:45 - 12:30

Exploring the current economic systems we all exist within and participate in, as well as imagining alternatives. We begin by unpacking what we mean when we talk about economy, and the ways in which it extends beyond money and is present in our daily interactions, relationships and behaviours. We will explore work and livelihoods, and question ‘why work?’, as well as gaining an understanding of ideas such as Universal Basic Income. We will also use the framework of bioregional economics and co-operative structures, as a way of reclaiming our local land, and providing a remedy for globalised growth-based systems and their ecological impact.

Sarah Margaret “Molly” Scott Cato

 Molly is an economist and writer who has campaigned for green politics all her adult life. Between 2014 and 2020 Molly represented South West England in the European Parliament where she worked on sustainable finance, regenerative agriculture, and trade policy.  Aside from her work as an economist Molly’s areas of special interest include land ownership and food production; renewable energy, especially …