Are You Your Own Religion?

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08 Dec - 12 Dec - 08:45 - 12:30

Course description:

An experiential workshop investigating how some of the worlds main religions impact us and how this can create war or peace. Each one of us has the potential for these polarities.

Can we find that part in us that can takes responsibility for change?

Can we take that uncomfortable step into our own mind, crossing the border from the known into the unknown, the exoteric to the esoteric where you alone can decide what to DO?

Christopher Marcus

Christopher Marcus trained at the Drama Centre in London and, later, at the Goetheanum in Switzerland, before establishing his own theater group, Theatre of the Word. Since 1985, he has worked fulltime as a director specializing in mystery theater, and has written several plays. His productions include Teniko,Gilgamesh, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Passion of Kaspar Hauser, Hamlet, and many others, including Steiner’s …