Biography week

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06 Nov - 10 Nov - 08:45 - 16:00

Biography Work. The course will offer participants an introduction into the laws and rhythms of biographical development from the anthroposophical perspective. They will explore the evolution of the consciousness of the human being and ask what it means to be human in today’s world. Participants will learn how to participate and co-host biography groups where they will develop faculties to listen to and understand diversity and complexity and begin to sense the deeper meaning of their lives.

Annie Meijer

Annie Meijer (BA, MSc, BACPaccred) is a Biographical Counsellor and Biography work facilitator and trainer. She has run accredited trainings in Biographical Counselling in the UK and has facilitated many Biography groups. She also works as a consultant supporting companies to design professional development courses for their employees. Working with Biography – Finding our Place in Life Everyone’s biography is …