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Anthroposophical Anthropology

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13 Nov - 17 Nov - 08:45

Anthroposophical anthropology is the title of the course in which participants will look at the three-folded and four-folded approach to the human being as developed by Rudolf Steiner. Basic thoughts can be found in “Theosophy” and in “Study of man” both written by Rudolf Steiner. The course will include an exploration of the physical, soul and spiritual development of the human being, as well as the physical, etheric, astral and I development. Participants will learn about the temperaments and planetary qualities as they relate to human character and will engage in lively discussion about the possible existence of a spiritual world beyond the world of the senses.

Luc Vandecasteele

Luc Vandecasteele is a medical doctor since 1978. His wife and he received 6 children. After a formation in The Netherlands in 1979-80 in anthroposophical medicine, 1980 he started a group practice in Gent, BE, in collaboration with a colleague and a few anthroposophically inspired therapists. He also was a school advising doctor in two Waldorf schools, and is still …

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