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Action Based Prototyping

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09 Oct - 13 Oct - 08:45

In this week participants use a challenge-based methodology to prototype ideas for a shared group work. The beginning of the course introduces the framework and the concept of rapid prototyping and during the following days the participants move through a process of small team formation, dialogue, testing ideas, and creating a final concept to test with a live audience. Participants learn by doing as well as by working with a framework designed to support learning through action and reflection. 

Brenno Kaschner Russo

Brenno works with the technology of connection for unleashing collective potential. From Belgium to India, Russia to China, he has led mission towards innovation in over 17 countries, with a focus on Europe and Asia, developing and implementing transformative processes to activate collaboration. Researcher of dialogue and the group mind he believes we need to re-learn to listen in order …

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