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Before we can print any publications and add information on the website we need some information from you about your course.

In case you are a returning contributor; please have a look at our website to see if your information there is still accurate and up to date: Curriculum

YIP has a maximum of SEK 8000,- including tax budgeted for each week-long morning course. YIP will cover your travel expenses (2nd class, economy class). You are invited to join us for our community lunch & supper on campus, breakfast ingredients are provided in your accommodation.

In most cases one of the organizers of YIP will contact you and arrange and book your travel for you.

In case you have booked your travel or have additional costs like taxi and trainfares, please keep hold of your ticket and or receipts. We will need a copy in order to reimburs you.

Please upload a photo in high resolution.

(blackboard, blackboard chalk, paper, beamer etc.)


YIP has SEK 8000,- including tax budgeted for each weeklong morning course. Please let us know how you would like to receive your honorary.
We will need an invoice from you stating a legal tax status for our bookkeeping and your bank details including IBAN, BIC and SWIFT. Internationally we can transfer the full amount of SEK 8000. For transfers within Sweden we have to deduct income tax.
YIP will be in touch with you concerning your travel to our campus, and will book tickets for you when needed.
YIP is 1 hour south of Stockholm, close to Järna. You can reach us by Public Transport from Stockholm and it's airports Arlanda, Skavsta & Bromma.
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