Welcome 2020

Here in the Findhorn Foundation eco-village on the sea coast of Scotland we have been adjusting to new and old rhythms, finding our way.

We wander through permaculture inspired gardens and witness the interplay between colossal cabbage leaves, shy rose buds, brave tulips, and root vegetables ready to be picked.

News from YIP – December 2019

Cheerful December. As the first frost blankets the Isle of Hoy, YIP 12 is finishing the Personal Awareness Block and transitioning into winter break. We say goodbye to our neighbours, the shy sheep and fuzzy cows. We embark on lingering last walks…

News from YIP – November 2019

Dear friends of YIP,

Can you believe that it’s only a month ago since you read our previous newsletter? Meanwhile, the seasons have changed and so we enter the next chapter of YIP. After seven weeks of Global Realities, YIP and the Yippies now turn inwards for the next course block on Personal Awareness…

Opening YIP12

Dear friends of YIP,

Happy Wednesday. I am writing you from the Hive in Ytterjärna, where nature is treating us with vivid yellows, oranges and reds, where the fjord greets us on misty mornings and the days are slowly getting shorter.

YIP Newsletter May 2019 – Moving into Spring

Dear friends of YIP,

Another month has passed since we last shared our stories with you.
I’m writing this introduction sitting at the picnic tables outside the Galley, the sun as warm as the people around me, chatting with a coffee in their hands.

YIP Newsletter April 2019 – Looking Ahead at YIP12

Dear friends of YIP, Initiative Forum – Roots to Routes, has been and gone! Thank you to everyone who came to make this week so special. The locals here said that with your coming, or thoughts and support from far away, the sun and warmth returned, and therefore also the start of spring. We ate delicious meals outside, we sung …

YIP Newsletter February 2019 – Updates and Welcomes

Greetings from Ytterjarna as we transition into what feels like spring. The snow has melted and the sun is shinning. With the Yippies away on internships, the organizing team has been reviewing YIP11 and looking forwards to YIP12. We are excited to see the program take shape as we interview and accept the new people who will make the next YIP year …

YIP Newsletter January 2019 – Stories, tales and permaculture design

Greetings from sunny Scotland that feels a little more like fall than winter.  Small flowers are growing and trees still blossoming, yet we were lucky to have a few days of snow for sledding and snow angels. The January newsletter comes later than expected as we wanted to include our reflections on the four week Permaculture Design in full as …

YIP Newsletter- Live Links from December

Hello dear everyone, Cheerful January!  We are re-sending the links from the December newsletter as they are now live and functioning. Thank you to everyone who notified us of this error and our apologies for any confusion. Please go ahead and take a look at the Internship Fundraising page and the Initiative Forum. Internship Fundraising We want to learn, we want …