Welcoming the New Year News from YIP – January 2021

Tree in the Snow

Dear friends of YIP,   We hope you had a peaceful transition into the new year. It is with great pleasure that we share our first newsletter of 2021. Here in Ytterjärna, snow covers the fields, icicles adorn the rooflines and the fjord has become a tempting playground.   As the cold of winter brings nature to stillness, the Yippies colour the environment …

Wrapping up the Inner Awareness – December 2020


Dear friends of YIP, Greetings into the last days of December! Half-way through the Winter Break by now, resting, rejuvenating, getting ready for what is coming next, we’re looking back at what happened during this last month of the year. You can get a glimpse of how the courses were through the writings and creative expressions of the YIP participants. …

Inner Exploration – November 2020

Rose Bud at sunrise

Dear friends of YIP, Greetings from Yttejärna! I hope you have all been well in this season of darker, colder days that invite cozy evenings with a cup of tea and a book. Here, in YIP, we have been diving deeper into the inner awareness courses and working on the Initiative Forum preparations as the days turn shorter and grey …

Diving deep(er), wrapping up, moving onwards – October 2020

Sunset over the fjard

Dear friends of YIP, Here we are, October behind, November knocking on the door. Frosty mornings, misty afternoons, beautiful clear-night skies, the trees getting ready for winter, letting go of their yellow and dark-red leafs – it’s clear that the seasons have shifted.​ In this context, the past month here in YIP was spent moving through the last few Global …

Opening YIP13 – September 2020

Dear friends of YIP, Here we are, September behind, the nights getting longer day-by-day, the leaves turning different shades of the autumn colours and the air feeling a bit colder every morning. Here, where we are, in Ytterjärna. A place that became home for the twenty-one YIP13 participants more than a month ago now and has been warmed by their …

News from YIP – June 2020

Dear friends of YIP, Hej hej & cheerful Thursday.Before YIP goes on a summer break, we are excited to share some reflections with you on the past and last weeks of YIP12. As a community of learners, we took the time to bring the year together and integrate our understanding from the various course blocks. We went on the Outdoor …

News from YIP – May 2020

Dear friends of YIP, Cheerful Wednesday. I am sitting in the sun outside the Hive, looking over the lawn to the Kulturhuset. The grass is long and full of fluffy and yellow dandelions, tulips making way for purple flowers and seas of blue forget-me-nots. The wind is gently flowing through the birch trees and apple blossoms. Moving towards the end …

News from YIP – April 2020

Fountain at Sunset

Cheerful Thursday. In these interesting and shifting times, I am writing to you from Ytterjärna, where the YIP community has settled again after the Outpost in Scotland and the International Internships. Nature and the land around us are slowly transitioning into spring season, wavering between chilly early spring days and sunlit blue skies. I am excited for the abundance of tulips, little flowers and greens that are ready to sprout, for the life and joy of this blossoming season …

News from YIP – March 2020

Stairs from Beach to Heaven

Greetings from Ytterjarna.

As the Yippies travel across the world to meet their internships in Brasil, Canada, Egypt, Nepal, the Phillipines, the USA and Zimbabwe, the organizing team returns our beautiful campus in Sweden.

For the Yippies its a time of expanding horizions, learning about new organizations, and practicing new ways of working and being.

Welcome 2020

Here in the Findhorn Foundation eco-village on the sea coast of Scotland we have been adjusting to new and old rhythms, finding our way.

We wander through permaculture inspired gardens and witness the interplay between colossal cabbage leaves, shy rose buds, brave tulips, and root vegetables ready to be picked.