Required Attachments

1. Reference Letters 

You must supply two reference letters which should be sent to us by your referees and should not be included in the email that contains the other supplementary forms.

Both reference letters must be completed by people who know you well (teacher, mentor, employer, family friend) who can comment objectively on your character, abilities, capacities and/or past experiences. References may not be written by your spouse/partner, a relative or close friend. Please print the reference letter template provided in the application and give it to your referee to complete and either email or post to us.
Reference Letter Form

2. Health report

The provided medical report must be completed, signed and stamped by a qualified medical doctor. If you require a special diet, or have any serious allergies please include details of this on your health report. If you have any current or previous medical, mental or physical conditions that may affect your stay at or participation in YIP, they must be clearly stated on the report.
Health Report Form

3. Certificate of Proficiency in English

If English is not your native language, you will need to provide a certificate of proficiency in English. YIP is an intensive full-day course taught in English, with challenging content and in-depth theory based discussions. For your admission it is required that you understand and speak, read and write in English at least at an intermediate level.
English Certificate Form

4. Portrait photograph

You must include a portrait photograph showing only your head (a passport photo or similar) with your application.

5. Application Fee or Transfer Receipt

Your application will not be processed until proof of payment of your non-refundable Application Fee has been received.

6. Identification

If your interview was successful you will be required to send in a copy of your passport and insurance before your acceptance is finalised.