Membership in the YIP Association

Every natural and legal person can become a member of the YIP Association, providing it has an active interest in the achievement of the associations’ purpose.

You can apply for membership anytime through the online form. The application can also be sent by post (contact information).

Click here to register your membership online

You can also download the application form as a PDF file.


The annual membership fee as decided by the Board is currently a minimum of SEK 250 (approximately EUR 25). You are free to pay more. Any additional money will be registered as a donation to YIP.

The membership fee pays for membership services and supports the activities of YIP world-wide!

Membership types

By default all members have status as Supporting Members. Individuals or institutions directly involved in the activities of YIP can be invited by the Board to become Active Members. As a difference to Supporting Members, Active Members have the right to vote.

This creates four membership categories:

  • Individual Supporting Member
  • Individual Active Member
  • Institutional Supporting Member
  • Institutional Active Member

No preference when applying

Already being a member of the YIP Association does not differentiate you when applying to attend the YIP year. All applications for the year are considered on equal terms, independently of the applicant’s YIP Association membership.