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Severas Svedas

Movement Facilitator, massage therapist, Art of Hosting practitioner.

I crave to establish the connection between my mind and my body in various contexts / scenarios – to acquire the ability to meet life challenges as they arise. I started studying physical medicine and massage therapy and was then introduced to Ido Portal and the Movement Culture which led to a completely new perspective on sports and physicality. I started to become more interested in what was invisible, but clearly felt – the development of new neurological connections. I became inquisitive again. Most importantly, a new perspective on the human body, physicality and the movement world has opened up for me. Looking from a new perspective, even the most simple, well-known movements have become new, fun and effective. Right now I am more than happy to discover, play, move and explore together in a community where we support each other in a world of learning and cognition. I bring this to my work in movement and in hosting educational spaces. The question of human development is central to my work.

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