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Adéla Honigová

Over the last couple of years I’ve been involved with the International Youth Camp as both as a participant and as an organiser and I’ve been part of a student initiative at university (Udržitelný Palacký) that is trying to spread the message of social responsibility and the importance of environmentally friendly behaviour. I have also done some volunteering and au-pairing along the way as well, to get a glimpse of different environments/cultures/traditions/…

Through all of this I realised that I really enjoy seeing, witnessing and supporting people in their personal development. It has been an interest of mine for quite a while now, to observe and explore how all the processes that happen around and within each one of us meet individuals and how they are dealt with. To hear and explore how they affect one’s sense of self, the way they see the world and engage with it, and how everyone has their own individual response to everything that’s going on around. I find it very humbling and inspiring, seeing people be challenged, finding ways of working and moving through whatever comes, while becoming more confident in themselves.

I also love researching and learning about human development, the mind-body-spirit-soul and the interconnectedness of it all and I always appreciate it greatly when I can be part of another person’s journey. It has been a driving force that led me to actively look for and seek places/initiatives/learnings that hold space for that, which eventually led me to YIP.

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