Christianne Sinoo

Christianne Sinoo, originally from the Netherlands, born in Rotterdam, moved between urban and rural areas since the age of 7. Creating spaces for self-directed experiential learning, where the creative and unique strengths of each individual can come to the surface, is what she loves. Whether it is in a classroom, in nature or in an office, she wants to explore and question perspectives to stay awake to the “hidden” possibilities that life has in store. This exploration requires vulnerability, which is, according to her, the key to growth and connections that matter to us.

Christianne attended YIP in 2008-09. After a year of digestion and work experience in a curative home she attended Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and finished a bachelor in Social and Cultural Development studies. As her graduation project she invited a group of young adults to join her on a month long pilgrimage trail (Sacred Door Trail) in the wilderness of Montana, USA. While also being an object of the study, she explored the values of walking in nature and the effect that this experience could have on our way of thinking and acting in the world.