Our Outer & Inner Woods & Water

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19 Oct - 23 Oct - 08:45 - 12:30

On the edge of the outer to the inner, we will explore ourselves, our bodies within our larger body, the Earth, our shared home. Experiencing phenomena and our local environment will be our central starting point.

Our exploration and discovery will transition from water to the woods. We will follow streams, sit by rivers, to potentially visiting the coastline of large lakes might be part of our adventure. We will explore the relation of forest and fire and discover the specific light and warmth from fire in darker and colder times. We will appreciate simple inventions like matches that have enabled wild and cultured beings

Our intention is to connect with place-embedded locals to facilitate us to the unique and wider surroundings of Järna. At the same time, the philosophical work of Norwegian eco-philosopher Arne Naess will inspire this week’s work with concepts like: deep ecology, ecological self and ecosophy. Methods inspired by Goethe will be applied to observe phenomena. The work of Austrian forester and water inventor Viktor Schauberger will be used to illustrate certain wisdom that can be derived from observing natural phenomena. Other lessons and experiences from thought-leaders, indigenous elders, entrepreneurs, activists and children, will be touched upon.

At the end of the week, we will make a deeper connection with ourselves, each other, our local ecologies and link this to the wider ecological self of our Earth body.

Li An Phoa

Li An Phoa is a passionate systems-thinker initiating projects on food, water and landscapes and creating learning experiences. She researches and envisions about how we can live together and facilitates multi-stakeholder processes. She works with large organisations such as Unilever and the Rwandan Ministry of Health, as well as innovative farmers, artists and indigenous communities. She teaches at Rotterdam School …