International Internships

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11 Feb - 22 Mar - All Day

The international internship runs for 6 weeks and offers the possibility to work with a social entrepreneurial organisation/business/initiative that is seeking to implement the ethics, motives and understandings that we explore during YIP. It is a period where the YIP Participants get a taste on a practical level of how it is to run a social entrepreneurial organisation/business/initiative and how to share their skills with that place and the world.

The internship period is integrated in the curriculum after having dived into global awareness, personal awareness, community dynamics and having taken initiatives as a group. The participants will have explored these themes and gained an understanding that to be able to create positive shifts in the world we need to collaborate with each other.

The YIP participants are the designers of their learning journey during the international internship. During this design they focus on their personal intention (in which area would you like to deepen your knowledge), a group intention (which initiatives would we like to take together as a group) and the needs of the place (what support is needed in the place we go).

Participating in an international internship with a social entrepreneurial organisation/business/initiative gives the participants a real-life, on the ground experience of what it can, should or might look like to implement an initiative that strives to take on challenges in the world.