Initiative Forum

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01 Mar - 05 Mar - All Day

The initiative forum is a 5 day conference/event for between 150 and 250 young people designed and hosted by the participant group on the larger campus in Ytterjärna, Sweden. It takes place during the easter holidays and is designed, budgeted, marketed and hosted in its entirety by the YIP cohort. Prior to the winter break the participants have 18 hours allocated to work with the Initiative forum (1 in the introductions week, 9 in the art of hosting week and 8 in week 44). During the AoH week, the participants enter a theme identification process guided by the Art of hosting in which the participant cohort find a theme that the group would like to centre the event around.

In week 44, the participants are facilitated by the organising team to learn how to work with the marketing platforms in place, how to manage the online ticket sales and introduced to the various tasks involved in event management: food ordering, food raising and catering, accomodation and building use and contracts, contributor travel booking and hosting, co-hosting of the day program and cultural evening event planning and logistics etc.
In week 46, the event is launched online and the group establishes working groups to work with the various tasks. After the winter break the participants have 8 hours allotted to work within their groups (2 hours every monday afternoon 14:00 – 16:00, in week 3 – 6). During this time the participants design the flow of the event, book contributors and cultural artists, work with the budget, food raise and prep the menu and much more. The organising team are available during these times to offer their support.

On returning from their internships, the participants enter an intensive 2 week preparation period in the lead up to the forum. The first week (30 hours) is facilitated by the art of hosting team who work with the YIP cohort to decide which methods of facilitation to employ throughout the forum and who will take responsibility for these. The second preparation week (40 hours-at least!) includes all the necessary tasks before a large event. This is hosted and facilitated by the YIP cohort themselves supported by the organising team. (96 scheduled working hours in total).

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