Projects are meant to bring a specific focus to a practical task or theme carried by the group, a part of the group or individual participants. Throughout the year there will be possibilities to engage in different projects. Some directly related to program, some in different forms of fundraisers and others again offered by the community.

Among projects integrated in the program are: Initiative Forum, International Internships and Individual Initiatives.

Initiative Forum 

Initiative Forum is an annual conference organised and hosted by you as a participant of YIP. It is a platform for people who want to enact positive change in the world and a space for learning, inspiration, networking, and collaboration. Dates for the conference will be set by the organisers of YIP while all other aspects are envisioned, planned, created and hosted by you and your fellow participants.

International Internships

Early in the program you will decide where you will go on your International Internship. From then on it is in your hands and in the hands of the group you are part of to make the best of it! In collaboration with the initiative you will be working with and the support of the YIP coordinators, you will book flight tickets, plan your trip, organise fundraisers and envision and prepare tasks you will take on while abroad. When returning home you will be brought through a process of digestion and reflection which culminates in each group presenting their experience as a whole. Altogether this serves as an extensive project practise!

Individual Initiatives

A cornerstone of the program is your personal initiative. This initiative could come out of an important question or a theme, which may be inspired by the curriculum or your future goals.

We will support you in deepening questions and themes that live in you and  guide you in the practise of manifesting them from the idea world into a practical project. There will be space throughout the year to present themes from these personal initiatives, focussing on both the end-result and the process itself.