Kira Nalin

Kira Nalin was born in Helsinki, Finland, in December 1975. She grew up in a Finland-­‐ Swedish family, speaking both languages at home. She attended a Swedish speaking elemetary school, middle school and high school. She spent most of her childhood summers in a small countryside village, by the sea and near many lakes, in southern Finland. This is where her strong love for nature and animals began to flourish. She stayed most of the time outside-­‐ largely at the horse stables playing, helping out and doing horseback riding.

Kira has a bachelor ́s degree in sociology that qualifies for positions as a social worker. She has also studied literature at the University of Helsinki. In 2008 she was awarded in a writing competition that was initiated by the publishing house of Söderströms in Finland. Her debut novel, which is written in the form of a diary, was published in the spring of 2009. During the past years Kira has been working as a library assistant and with custom service in an organic store. At the moment she is writing her second novel and volunteering for YIP. Kira heard about YIP through her Waldorf friends in Finland.

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