Working at Tuburan
Philippines, YIP6 2014

How do you bring your own initiative into being? A good start is experiencing how others do it and then applying what you have learned. During the year at YIP you will get to spend one month abroad, taking part in the work of an existing socially and environmentally sustainable project or organization. This gives you the opportunity to experience and try out what you are learning in practice.

YIP is in close collaboration with a number of Initiatives around the globe which will serve as hosts for international Internships.

Have a look at where the YIP7 participants went on their Internships in 2015 

Integrated into the curriculum is the preparation of your time abroad.  Building up a relation with the chosen organisation and working together to shape the internship time according to both the expectation of the internship place and your own wishes and intentions. Once you return, there will be time and space to reflect on the experience ending with a presentations where the larger community will be invited.

Visa limitations

Because of visa related issues you may be limited as to where you can attend an internship. Please refer to the visa pages for more information.

transform transformation




A big clean-up! Transformation of a forgotten space at  the back of a school in Lebanon, Baalbeck, YIP1, 2009.