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Information for the Press

YIP can provide in-depth information, interviews and hi-res photographs to members of the press. We also have a wide range of pre-written material which you are free to publish or use ase a basis for your own articles about YIP as long as you list your sources. Take a look at our News Page.

Please contact our press contact for more information.

Press contact

Silas Beardslee
Phone: +46 (0) 85 517 0087


Conditions of use

Material found on or provided by YIP staff is the property and copyright of YIP unless otherwise stated. The material can be used for free in any media under the following conditions:

  • Usage: The material should only be used where YIP is mentioned. Use of material for publication without relation to YIP can only be done with written approval from YIP.
  • Credit: The author/photographer must be credited in full name.
  • Approval: Your edited versions of material provided by YIP must be approved by YIP and the original author before publishing. Direct translations of original material do not require pre-approval. (Media produced by you, not based on material provided by YIP, can of course be published freely.)
  • Information: Material must be associated with the text “More information is available at” or a translated equivalent. If published online, the address should be linked to the YIP web site.
  • Payment: If you wish to pay for using material, any money should be transferred to the YIP Donations Account.