Intellectual Property at

Intellectual Property at

Most photos, graphics, movies, audio, and text (i.e. media) on this web site is owned by YIP or has been licensed to YIP by the photographer, illustrator, or writer. Unless specifically stated, everything found at should be regarded as copyrighted material.

The International Youth Initiative Program keeps the right to demand compensation for any unsolicited use of the media owned by us. If you have questions or wish to be given permission use any material, please or any other address mentioned at the Contact Page.

General Licensing and Specification of Owner/Copyright

  • If no copyright/owner information is given, the media should be considered owned by YIP and follows the licensing terms below. (If any copyright information is wrong or missing, please make contact.)
  • Copyright/owner information is usually stated close to and on the same page the item in question. For images/graphics the information is found in the img tag’s title attribute (usually visible by hovering the mouse over the image in most web browsers).
  • If the copyright holder/owner is not YIP, please contact the copyright holder/owner directly for licensing.

Licensing of YIP’s media

These are general licensing terms for media owned or copyrighted by YIP. The terms also apply to photos found at by Mathias Bolt Lesniak.

  • Always ask for permission before using any media.
  • Always credit YIP and the writer/artist/photographer.
  • There is no licensing fee if the media is used in clear connection to YIP (e.g. YIP is mentioned).
  • When used without a clear connection to YIP a licensing fee applies. For photos this fee is SEK 500 per photo, per use.
  • When used without permission a double licensing fee will be demanded. For photos, this means SEK 1000 per photo, per use.
  • Licensing fees should be paid to YIP as a donation.