Community Life

YIP is not a standard educational program, but more a year-long lifestyle. Of course YIP is also the training you can read about and sign up for online, but that is really only a part of what makes up a year at YIP.

Living together with 40 other young people, being together every day, makes up a big part of what YIP is. It is impossible to do justice to what this means on paper. It is intense, beautiful, rich, and challenging. Alumni often tell us that the life together is where many of the challenges and subsequent transformations took place for them.

To support a functional and healthy community life, YIP has a house parent living on campus. The participants also get support through courses in mentoring and biographical work, weekly check-in groups, and an independent counselor, freely available to the participants throughout the program.

As the organizers also live on campus, YIP is not just their job, but their lifestyle as well.