Terms and Conditions
The International Youth Initiative Program 2018-2019 (YIP11)

Please note: In case information given elsewhere should differ from what is given here, the information found on this page takes precedence.  Also, a copy of this will be sent to accepted participants to sign and return before the start of the program.

YIP 11 Term Dates

The 2018 – 2019 YIP Year, runs from  26 August 2018 to  21 June 2019.


You need to be 18 – 28 years old (18 on the day the program starts, up until 28 on the day the program ends).
You need to be able to understand, speak, read and write English at least at an intermediate level.

YIP Costs & Finances

The YIP Program Cost is SEK 100.000.-

The YIP Program Cost covers:

  • The program, courses, course materials, evening activities
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday through Friday when on campus)
  • Accommodation (typically twin-share bedrooms on campus)
  • Travel to and from the international outpost and the international internship
  • Transportation (in connection with the curriculum)


The YIP program cost includes breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday through Friday. Meals are freshly prepared, using organic, biodynamic, and local produce and ingredients.

Participants are responsible for providing and preparing their weekend meals. The program will ensure cooking facilities where these can be prepared.
The cost for meals covers the weeks of the two terms of the program and do not include personal travel, time spent off campus or holiday periods. There will be no refund given for meals skipped or missed.


Participants will share single-sex, twin-share bedrooms in one of the student houses at Kulturcentrum Järna in Sweden.
During the international outpost of the program, the accommodation will still be shared, and centralised, but might include larger dorms and mixed gender accommodation.
The accommodation during the international internship is dependant on the individual design of each internship.

Room Deposit

A room deposit of SEK 1000 is to be paid in cash upon arrival in Sweden to the administration of YIP. This deposit is not covered by the program costs and will be refunded at the end of YIP provided the room is left clean, undamaged and in good condition.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Social conduct and behaviour that ensure a positive campus life and the ongoing work of the program prohibit:

  • The use and/or distribution of drugs
  • Attending class, events and/or activities under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Smoking inside any building
  • Parties on campus without permission from the YIP staff

Any of the above behaviour and failure to abide by these rules may result in the participant being asked to leave the program.

Travel & Transport

The travel costs to and from the international outpost of the program are included in the fee.
The YIP program reserves SEK 8’000,- per participant for the travel expenses to and from this internship. Additional costs may be necessary to cover room and board while abroad. Some participants might be limited as to which countries they can travel to due to visa restrictions because of their nationality.
Costs for and during the internship that exceed the reserved SEK 8’000 are to be covered by the participant.

The YIP program fee covers some travel and transport expenses connection with the YIP curriculum, like excursions and/or project visits.


All accepted participants will need to bring a passport that is valid for at least the entire duration of the program. (In case you need a visa for any of the countries visited during YIP, please check the passport requirements relating to your visa. In some cases, the document(passport) needs to be valid for at least 3-6 months after you are due to leave.)

NOTE: The European ID card is not sufficient for traveling abroad during the international outpost or international internship.

Fees, Costs & Policies

The YIP Program Cost is SEK 100.000.- for the full duration of the program.

Application Fee

The Application Fee for YIP is SEK 750.- It is non-refundable. This fee must be sent with the application or be transferred to the YIP account before the application can be processed. YIP charges this fee to cover some of the costs of processing the applications and to ensure the validity of the application.

Reservation Fee

A reservation fee of SEK 5.000.- is due within one month of acceptance to YIP. The reservation fee enables us to reserve your place in the program and is credited towards your total program cost. If you withdraw your participation from YIP three (3) months or more before the program is due to begin, you will be refunded half of this fee (SEK 2.500.-). Withdrawal after this point makes the entire reservation fee non-refundable.

Payment Timeline

There are two payment options:

  • Option 1: Pay the remaining balance of SEK 92.000.- at once before the start of the first term (EarlyBird discount of SEK 3.000.- is deducted)
  • Option 2: Pay SEK 55.000.- before the start of the first term and the remaining SEK 40.000.- before the start of the second term (January 1st 2019).

Cancellation Policy

YIP reserves the right to withdraw the course if the number of participants is not sufficient, or if the financial resources needed for running the program are not secured two months prior to the beginning of the first term. Fees and costs will be refunded in full if YIP cancels the course. In case of cancellation, you will be notified one month in advance.


If you leave before the end of the program, you are expected to pay the required program costs until the end of the term in which you leave, provided notice in writing has been given at least four (4) weeks in advance. Exceptions can be made for medical reasons (subject to medical report).

Payments or Fund Transfers to the International Youth Initiative Program

Beneficiary: The International Youth Initiative Program
Beneficiary’s address: Kulturcentrum Järna 13, 15391 Järna, Sweden
Bank: Nordea Bank Sweden AB, Hamngatan 10, 10571 Stockholm, Sweden
Bank address: SE-10571 Stockholm, Sweden
Account #: 47 86 47-1 SEK (Postgiro)
IBAN: SE45 9500 0099 6026 0478 6471

Please note: YIP cannot accept checks.

Please note: State clearly that the payment is for YIP and include the name of the participant that the payment is for.

Please note: All fees or costs (outgoing and incoming, sending and receiving) that incur during the transfer of money to YIP are to be paid by the debtor (the person paying). This must usually be specified when making the payment. YIP cannot accept any payment as being in full unless the correct amount in SEK (Swedish Kronor) is credited to its account. Please contact your bank for information on transfer fees and costs.

Copyright and Ownership

YIP accepts and emphasises the participants’ customary right to ownership of rights to commercial use of artistic or literary works (meaning music, photos/paintings/drawings, presentations, research papers, and the like) produced as a part of or related to YIP program activities during the YIP Year, with the following exceptions:

  • YIP may use the above-mentioned artistic or literary works (if made available to YIP in physical or digital form) for the purpose of promoting YIP free of charge. Participants must request in writing if specific works should be excluded from this use. Excluded from this use are also any documents which (if published) would be a breach of Swedish law or infringing upon the privacy, integrity or wellbeing of the participant or others.
  • For works produced by participants specifically for YIP’s use upon YIP’s request (such as public lecture recordings, promotional videos and published products thereof), YIP retains the ownership and right to commercial use.

What is expected of you as a part of the YIP community?

The success of the YIP Program relies on the mutual commitment of everyone involved. The YIP staff commits to high quality content for the program, staying flexible to adapting the program according to actual needs, creating a personalised positive learning experience, and securing effective use of financial resources.
As a participant your commitment includes attending the program in full, paying costs of tuition and acting responsibly in any of the roles you may take on during YIP.
As the name suggests, YIP is about initiative, not about sitting back and consuming what is prepared for you by the program. YIP is about each person working with, and taking on their initiative in a responsible way, not just for themselves, but also being conscious of others and the effects of their words and actions. Only active involvement from all parties will make the YIP a healthy and productive learning experience. In order to gain a real sense of community and with the effect of keeping costs for participation low, everyone (staff and participants) is asked to contribute time and work to help the functioning of daily life at YIP.


YIP is based in Sweden for the 90 days allowed for a visitor in the Schengen zone.

After the 90 days YIP moves to a second outpost outside of the Schengen zone, where participants might need visas.

Participants also attend an international internship and depending on the country visited might need a visa.

Please research all visa requirements from your country and if you have any questions contact info@yip.se.

Health and Travel Insurance

Participants are required to have appropriate health and travel insurance for the period of their studies at the YIP. This includes the periods of the international outpost and the international internship.

This agreement is conditional upon the participant obtaining the appropriate health and travel insurance for the time studying at the YIP. Admission to the program does not guarantee that the participant will be covered for any cost related to health or travel. The participant is responsible for complying with all conditions relating to the health and travel insurance. The participant is responsible for providing a copy of the health and travel insurance policies to the YIP office at the beginning of the program.

Confirmation of Agreement

Your confirmation of agreement is conditional upon your participation in YIP.