The purpose of this Application Procedure

Please take a moment to read about the intention we hold for this application.

It is one of the unique traits of our time that, at the point when humanity is facing serious challenges that threaten our collective future, we have uncovered very powerful cognitive frameworks and practical approaches that have the power to move humanity to a new, more profound level of evolution. Some of these challenges are external, others have much to do with our internal values, the way in which we understand ourselves and how we relate to the world.

As the YIP Organizing Team, responsible for the framework and practicalities of this program, our intention is to stand with you in exploring these challenges. As the challenges you are faced with, and the challenges the world is facing are hard enough, we don’t intend to put further criteria and objectives in front of you on your learning path.

YIP is not about what we think you need to be successful, but about finding your calling and your ability to respond to it. We aim to keep the requirements for attending the program at a minimum, to allow maximum potential for you to design your participation. It is therefore very important that you are motivated and ready to take your learning into your own hands. We will try and give you the best content and contributors we can find, but it’s up to you to decide to do something with what is offered.

YIP is about taking initiative.

We want to be very clear on this part. We are not a school or regular education where the authority (teachers/staff) check on your progress and achievements and have a role in judging your success. You are the better judge of that. We will be there to support, mirror and coach you. You need to be self-motivated. It is you and only you who can take the initiative to make use of what is prepared to meet you in our program.

So what is the purpose for this application-form?

In the questioning, we hope you get to know the scope and questions we work with and we hope it will help you reflect and think your questions and motivations through. Your answers give us a picture of you, the questions you carry, and where we can meet you on your path.

This is not a test. Please don’t write what you anticipate we would like to hear.