The place: Järna

The place: Järna

The YIP course location. Photo: Carolin Fransson

Järna is beautifully situated 55 km south of Stockholm by the Järna Fjord on the Baltic Sea, Sweden.

The adjacent gardens. Photo: Carolin Fransson

With its numerous initiatives, businesses and organizations, it forms an amazing and inspiring landscape of people’s visions being put into practice. Each of the places, be it the biodynamic farms, the curative homes, the alternative bank, the mill, the clinic, the cultural center etc. have an exemplary character in and of themselves, but in Järna these are all situated in a radius of about 10km. The program as it is designed would serve its mission anywhere, but in Järna – a community of social entrepreneurs – YIP has a foundation for an unprecedented experience.

YIP happens in cooperation with: 

Kulturcentrum Järna

Kulturcentrum Järna (formerly Rudolf Steinerseminariet) was founded in 1968. It offers cultural performances and introductory courses in Anthroposophy in addition to professional training in artistic professions and education. During the summer it offers a host of short courses on all kinds of philosophical, artistic, and pedagogically oriented subjects. The area has a rich cultural life, with concerts, performances, exhibitions, lectures and seminars. This makes for a stimulating and inspiring student life.