Whole Human Being

This principle ensures that the program strengthens the participants capacities to think, feel and act. Furthermore, it informs the varied types of learning necessary for the full understanding of a topic or skill.

Why it’s a principle
To be true agents of change in the world, we need to stand in it and act as integrally developed human beings. YIP recognises three core gestures of the human being to be its faculties: thinking, feeling, and willing. Thinking is related to the creation of ideas, feeling to the development of incentives (innate motivation) and willing manifests as deeds. The more these three capacities are strengthened, the bigger our impact will become, in whatever field we choose to engage with.
For example, if we understand an issue very well cognitively, but have never developed a practical capacity to work with it, our actual capacity to foster change is curbed. Even if we are skilled in making things happen, and theoretically understand a need, but do not have the capacity to emotionally connect to the issue, we will simply not act.
Generally speaking, the young adult needs to develop the multiple intelligences, including emotional and intellectual intelligence, creativity, self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience. These faculties allow the participant to fulfil their individual and social capacities, and live up to their highest potential.
The second reasoning behind the Whole Human Being principle is that it speaks to the different ways people learn and understand a topic. The process of understanding is not only cognitive and emotional, but also practical.

How we do it:
The Whole Human Principle can be recognised in both formal and informal ways. Most importantly, all members of the Organising Team understand and act from this framework, and attempt to practice a lifestyle in line with it. They strive to be a living example for participants.
In the Core Curriculum, all three qualities are given equal attention, and activities that strengthen all three are desirable. Here, the qualities of thinking, feeling and willing translate into engaging with the head, the heart and the hands. Most of YIP’s contributors are informed about the Whole Human Being principle, and are in conversation with the Team Members about the needs of the participant group.
As the complete program is designed in a way to bring forth the tree qualities, specific Contributor Courses may be either balanced in themselves, or courses with a different focus may be arranged to create a threefold picture together.