From Idea to Manifestation

This principles ensures that we empower and train participants to use entrepreneurial principles and skills to meet the complex challenges humanity faces, in a way that allows them to continue to do so after they graduate from the program.

Why it’s a principle
In a world of mounting global and local challenges, inspired and responsible participants rely on YIP to train them in entrepreneurial principles and skills to bring their ideas into reality.
Actively seeking and implementing initiatives and taking responsibility to address current issues comes forth naturally after rationally understanding, and emotionally connecting to those issues.
YIP trains its participants to become cultural creators, rather than cultural consumers, empowering them to become active shapers of their lives and cultural surroundings on multiple levels.
YIP understands that participants’ strength of will is critical to the success and relevance of their initiatives.

How we do it
During the YIP-year, participants go through several stages in the process of bringing an initiative all the way from an imagination (idea) to implementing (manifestation), with both individual and collective actions.
Doing so multiple times helps participants understand the steps of undertaking initiative, and uncover their relative strengths and weaknesses. The recurring effort of implementing teaches participants a blueprint for bringing ideas into manifestation. Participants learn to understand their specific hurdles when working individually and collectively; they become resilient to initial failure and are empowered by success.
The training of project implementation empowers participants to scale up the impact of their initiatives during and after the YIP-program.